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About Us

Nishkul Technologies LLC

At Nishkul Tech Support we decided to name our people "Technical Support Officer" (or TSO) for a very important reason. We strive to make the process of technical support something much more than just getting your computer serviced. It's important to our technical staff to understand how you use technology so we can make it work best for you.

Our TSO's go through some of the most rigorous testing and training before they start helping customers. Our selection process has proven to select individuals who intimately understand how technology works. With this knowledge, they can handle just about anything you want to throw at them–be it a weird printer issue, malware that no one else can seem to get rid of, or figuring out how to get your music on your MP3 player–and they can do it while explaining it all in terms you will understand.

Nishkul Tech Support combines superior talent and training to deliver superior, cost - effective computer support services to individuals and small businesses. Nishkul Tech Support's customer support staff undergoes an intensive 3-week training program that includes Technical Skills, and mandatory Microsoft Certification for Desktop Support Technicians. Above all, Nishkul Tech Support focuses on each technician's ability to listen to customers as they define their problems and then communicate an effective resolution

Once a problem is identified, Nishkul Tech Support's technicians use the self-created knowledge database and a personalization search engine to provide a customized service. The knowledge database grows with every interaction by capturing the customer's problem, the solution and the specifications of the computer hardware, software and any relevant peripherals involved. The database also contains customer demographic information as well as a call history so that the customer support technician can provide assistance that is specific to the individual caller's needs and equipment.

Nishkul Tech Support's customer satisfaction rate of 93% and resolution rate of 87% ranks it as the highest benchmarked company in the computer support industry.